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 FAQ - Everything you ever wanted to know about EON

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FAQ - Everything you ever wanted to know about EON Empty
PostSubject: FAQ - Everything you ever wanted to know about EON   FAQ - Everything you ever wanted to know about EON Icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2015 6:22 pm

Hi and welcome to Evil Overlords of Necropolis's offgame forum for sneakiness and world domination!

If you have come here to apply to our alliance then you need to make a post here in a new topic and tell us about youreself a little bit. To make this easier ill tell you some key information we might need and feel free to tell whatever else you wish to share. But first we have a short list of what we require from our members.

We require that you can take a hit, we have many who pvp and since we do there are retaliatory strikes which might get directed your way.
Now you dont have to pvp if you dont want to, but the least we require of our pve'ing members is to help, as much as they can, any member with reinforcements when they get attacked. Although your reinforcements might not always be needed, for one reason or another, they could end upp being what tips the scales so offer when you can.
We require each member to behave with some common sense and not to be mean or abusive verbally to our other members, if you have a difference of opinion thats fine but have it with some class instead of flaming and cursing! Also remember to show other members some respect and you will be respected in turn.
What we require is really just all common sense so it shouldn't be that hard to follow, and though we belive in second chances continuosly behaving poorly are good reaons for booting and looting.

We need to know your plans for this game, what you want to do, like if you want to pvp or pve.
It could be useful for us to know where you are in the game, maybe through what level of elf settlements you are raiding. If you have done any pvp or made some enemies or friends along the way.
We would also like to know if you have any previous alliances you have been with.

Well the rest of your presentation is upp to you, tell us what you think we would find worth knowing really Smile

If you need to contact me ingame you can find all our leaders and officers via our alliance hompage, if that dont work for some reason you can find me at 8,28 bloodbridge in solace, send me an ingame mail if there is any problems or questions

Hope to meet you ingame!
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FAQ - Everything you ever wanted to know about EON
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